Zilberberg v. Bd. of Tr.

A teacher took out a loan against her pension. The pension fund was directed to withdraw payments from her paycheck to satisfy the loan automatically. The teacher resigned months later, and the regulations required the pension fund to automatically withdraw payments from her pension payouts to satisfy the loan. But through a glitch, the pension … Read more

Gov’t Emp. Ret. Sys. of the Virgin Islands v. Gov’t of the Virgin Islands

In Gov’t Emp. Ret. Sys. of the Virgin Islands v. Gov’t of the Virgin Islands, the Third Circuit reviewed a challenge from the Virgin Islands’ public pension system against the territory’s government for failing to fund the pensions system properly. The Third Circuit affirmed the District Court’s award of principal owed but reversed the District Court’s … Read more

Estate of Benyo v. Breidenbach

In a rare unanimous opinion, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Estate of Benyo v. Breidenbach that a provision in a property settlement agreement between divorcing spouses, directing a spouse’s municipal pension to be transferred once paid out to the beneficiary from the provider is an enforceable contract provision under the Police Pension Fund Law, Municipal … Read more