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State v. Marolda

The New Jersey Appellate Division dealt with a Post Conviction Relief petition in a very Jersey saga: The defendant had a gambling problem and opened up a series of fake

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Martin v. Adm’r N.J. State Prison

The Third Circuit reviewed the one-year tolling provision for petitions seeking collateral relief from state-court convictions under 28 U.S.C. § 2244(d)(2). The petitioner was convicted of a crime in New

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State v. Hannah

The New Jersey Supreme Court reviewed a serial collateral attack on the defendant’s homicide convictions. He claimed his trial counsel was ineffective for failing to utilize certain exculpatory evidence to

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State v. Gideon

In State v. Gideon, a jury convicted the defendant of aggravated manslaughter and related charges. Five years later, the defendant filed a PCR petition and alleged trial counsel was ineffective

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State v. Steingraber

In State v. Steingraber, the State appealed the lower court’s grant of PCR relief. The lower court ruled that the sentencing court’s imposition of parole supervision for life (PSL)–in the

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State v. Aburoumi

In State v. Aburoumi, which involved a collateral attack on a criminal conviction, the Appellate Division ruled that an evidentiary hearing was needed where the defendant claimed he was not

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