In re Adoption of a Child by C.J.

In re Adoption of a Child by C.J. required the Appellate Division to assess whether the Chancery Court properly found that a biological mother failed to affirmatively assume the duties of a parent. The Court began by noting that the termination of parental rights implicates fundamental liberty interests, which are protected by the United States … Read more

In the Interest of N.G.

The Superior Court in In the Interest of N.G. held that the the trial court properly found the termination of a mother’s parental rights to her children was appropriate under Section 2511(b) of the Adoption Act, as that subsection focuses solely on the best interests of the child.

In re T.M.W.

Mother appealed the trial court’s orders involuntarily terminating her parental rights to her daughter. The Superior Court reversed. The Court ruled that the trial court’s factual findings were not supported by competent evidence of the record. Here, where Mother was faithfully attending every supervised, semi-weekly visit with Child, was cooperative with her DHS and other … Read more