Commonwealth v. Duncan

In 1994, the defendant entered a guilty plea to kidnapping a minor and has long since served his sentence. In 2019, he filed a coram nobis petition challenging his sex offender registration. In  Commonwealth v. Duncan, the Court ruled that the petition for coram nobis could proceed and it need not be treated as an untimely … Read more

Commonwealth v. Anderson

The defendant filed a petition seeking collateral relief from his criminal convictions pursuant to the Post Conviction Relief Act. He claimed that his sentence to lifetime registration under Act 10 was illegal. But he filed his PCRA petition about four years after his judgments of sentence became final. The Superior Court held that the PCRA … Read more

Commonwealth v. Hromek

Hromek appealed the denial of his challenge to the legality of his sentence via a “Petition for Enforcement of Plea Agreement.” The Superior Court treated the Petition as a PCRA petition, and affirmed its denial because it was untimely. The Court noted that, while challenges to the legality of a sentence cannot be waived, they … Read more