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State v. Herrera

The New Jersey Appellate Division heard cross-appeals concerning the defendant’s sentence after convictions for leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident and endangering an injured victim. The State

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Commonwealth v. Edwards

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court considered whether recklessly endangering another person (REAP) merges with aggravated assault under the merger statute. The defendant drove erratically, striking a car occupied by three people,

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Commonwealth v. Crawford

In Commonwealth v. Crawford, the defendant appealed his convictions of numerous fraud-related charges in three consolidated cases. Essentially, he was found guilty of lying about his status as a military

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Commonwealth v. Reslink

In Commonwealth v. Reslink, the defendant appealed his sentence after he was convicted of molesting his nephew. The Pennsylvania Superior Court held that the trial court did not err when,

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Commonwealth v. Talley

In Commonwealth v. Tallley, the Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s convictions for stalking and related crimes. On appeal, the defendant unsuccessfully argued that the trial court erred when: 1. it

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