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Commonwealth v. Dabney

The Pennsylvania Superior Court rejected the defendant’s novel argument that medical marijuana is not a Schedule I controlled substance for purposes of the DUI statute. The Court relied, in part,

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Commonwealth v. Stone

Don’t drive with weed in your bloodstream, despite that Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) card. The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the trial court’s order, which denied the Commonwealth’s challenge to the

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Commonwealth v. Barr

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that that “the smell of marijuana may be a factor, but not a stand-alone one, in determining whether the totality of the circumstances established probable

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Pritchett v. PENNDOT

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court reversed the trial court’s order, which sustained Licensee’s appeal from PENNDOT’s 12-month suspension of his driving privileges. The Court held that a trooper had reasonable grounds

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McKelvey v. Pa. Dep’t of Health

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court clarified the interplay of the Right-to-Know Law and the information contained in applications to grow, process, or dispense medical marijuana. Media outlets requested disclosure of medical

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Hager v. M&K Construction

In Hager v. M&K Construction, the New Jersey Supreme Court considered M&K Construction’s challenges with regard to a workers’ compensation court’s order that M&K reimburse Hager for the ongoing costs

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Cease v. Hous. Auth. of Indiana Co.

In 2017, Cease applied for Section 8 housing, disclosing that she used medical marijuana and including a copy of her Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Identification Card. The Indiana Co. Housing Authority

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