Jack Lehr Elec. v. Unemployment Comp. Bd. of Rev.

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court addressed the interplay between an employer’s prohibition on drug use and an employee’s use of marijuana pursuant to a valid prescription. Here, the claimant alerted his employer about the medical marijuana before the drug test, and no evidence suggested that the claimant ingested marijuana immediately before or during his shifts. The … Read more

Hager v. M&K Construction

In Hager v. M&K Construction, the New Jersey Supreme Court considered M&K Construction’s challenges with regard to a workers’ compensation court’s order that M&K reimburse Hager for the ongoing costs of the medical marijuana he was prescribed after sustaining a work-related injury while employed by M&K. The Court affirmed, holding that M&K did not fit … Read more

Cease v. Hous. Auth. of Indiana Co.

In 2017, Cease applied for Section 8 housing, disclosing that she used medical marijuana and including a copy of her Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Identification Card. The Indiana Co. Housing Authority (“Authority”) denied her application because the federal government considers marijuana to be an illegal substance. She appealed, and the trial court affirmed the Authority. She … Read more

In re Application for Med. Marijuana Alt. Treatment Ctr. for Pangaea Health & Wellness, LLC

The Appellate Division issued a thorough opinion — and thorough rebuke — regarding the process by which the New Jersey Department of Health issued six licenses to grow, process and dispense marijuana as part of the State’s Medicinal Marijuana Program in In re Application for Med. Marijuana Alt. Treatment Ctr. for Pangaea Health & Wellness, … Read more

Gass v. 52nd Jud. Dist.

The PA Supreme Court exercised its King’s Bench authority to consider whether Lebanon County courts and probation departments may prohibit a probationer from using medical marijuana where that probationer otherwise is in compliance with Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act. Simply put, the Court held that the courts and probation department could not prohibit medical marijuana use … Read more