Clark v. Stover

In Clark v. Stover, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed Appellants’ appeal to consider adopting the “continuous representation” rule. That rule would permit statutes of limitations for causes of action sounding in legal malpractice to be “tolled until the attorney’s ongoing representation is complete.” The Court declined to adopt the rule, noting that statutes of limitations … Read more

Delaney v. Dickey

In Delaney v. Dickey, the New Jersey Supreme Court was asked to determine whether a mandatory arbitration provision in a lawyer’s retainer agreement violates the Rules of Professional Conduct. The Court held that such an arbitration provision does not violate the RPC. But the Court held that the attorney has an obligation to discuss that … Read more

Z.F.1. v. Bethanna

In Z.F.1. v. Bethanna, the Superior Court heard the Defender Association of Philadelphia’s appeal after a jury found it liable for damages for failing to provide adequate representation as guardian ad litem to two children in foster care. The Defender Association asked the Court to hold that a guardian ad litem should be immune to … Read more