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Commonwealth v. Harper

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the trial court did not impose a de facto life sentence. The defendant was convicted of committing a murder when he was seventeen years

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Commonwealth v. Shroat

The Pennsylvania Superior Court vacated the defendant’s sentence after the trial court resentenced him to life without parole (LWOP) for a murder committed when he was 17 years old. The

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State v. Ryan

This case presented the New Jersey Supreme Court with the confluence of several hot-button issues: Miller & Zuber, New Jersey’s three-strikes law, and a youthful offender now serving life without

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State v. Thomas

It didn’t take long for the New Jersey Appellate Division to grapple with the New Jersey Supreme Court’s ruling in State v. Comer. Here, the Appellate Division remanded a case

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United States v. Grant

An en banc panel of the Third Circuit offered its view in the Miller/Montgomery maelstrom. The defendant was convicted of homicide as a juvenile in federal court and was sentenced to the

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Commonwealth v. Sanchez-Frometa

In Commonwealth v., Sanchez-Frometa, the Pennsylvania Superior Court held that the Pennsylvania Crimes Code does not authorize a court to impose a sentence of life without the possibility of parole

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Commonwealth v. Summers

In Commonwealth v. Summers, Appellant was serving a sentence of life without parole for his participation in a felony murder when he was 17 years old. He filed a PCRA

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State v. Tormasi

In State v. Tormasi, the New Jersey Appellate Division weighed in on the legality of sentencing a 16-year-old defendant to a term of life imprisonment with parole eligibility after 30

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Commonwealth v. Lehman

This case involved two juvenile lifers who were recently resentenced to a term of life with the possibility of parole. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Commonwealth v. Lehman did not

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Commonwealth v. Derrickson

In Commonwealth v. Derrickson, the Pennsylvania Superior Court addressed claims made by a juvenile who had been serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. After he was re-sentenced

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