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Commonwealth v. Davis

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s jury conviction for DUI-high rate of alcohol 4th offense or subsequent. On appeal, the defendant alleged several issues with the jury. The Court

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State v. Lodzinski

The New Jersey Supreme Court reviewed the Appellate Division’s decision affirming the defendant’s conviction of the first-degree murder of her five-year-old son. She challenged her conviction on two grounds. First,

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Commonwealth v. Held

In Commonwealth v. Held, a media company appealed from a trial court’s denial of its request for the names of jurors after they deadlocked and a mistrial was granted, but

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State v. Horton

In State v. Horton, a jury deliberated to a partial verdict, but, before a complete verdict could be reached , a juror was excused for a preplanned vacation. Over a

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Commonwealth v. Rosenthal

The Superior Court reviewed the infrequently invoked “no impeachment rule” codified in Pa.R.E. 606. That rule holds, with limited exception, that a juror may not offer testimony regarding what transpired

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