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In re L.A.K.

This case involved the mother and step-father of two children who filed a petition to terminate the parental rights of the children’s father after he did not have contact with

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In re L.W.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed an order from the Orphans’ Court that involuntarily terminated a mother’s parental rights and changed the children’s permanency goal to adoption. On appeal, the mother

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In re S.K.L.R.

As with all cases where the courts must decide whether to terminate a parent’s rights involuntarily, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court confronted a tragic case. Mother and Father had two children

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In re S.S.

In re S.S. presented the Pennsylvania Superior Court with an appeal from an Orphan’s Court order involuntarily terminating a father’s parental rights. The Superior Court reversed because the lower court

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In re S.C.

In re S.C. presented the Pennsylvania Superior Court with an appeal on behalf of a young child after the trial court denied a petition seeking to involuntarily terminate both parents’

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