In re S.K.L.R.

As with all cases where the courts must decide whether to terminate a parent’s rights involuntarily, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court confronted a tragic case. Mother and Father had two children together. A county agency petitioned to terminate the parental rights based on a laundry list of alleged faults. More specifically, the agency contended that termination … Read more

In re S.S.

In re S.S. presented the Pennsylvania Superior Court with an appeal from an Orphan’s Court order involuntarily terminating a father’s parental rights. The Superior Court reversed because the lower court based its decision on evidence outside the record.

In re S.C.

In re S.C. presented the Pennsylvania Superior Court with an appeal on behalf of a young child after the trial court denied a petition seeking to involuntarily terminate both parents’ parental rights. The Court found it problematic that the trial court failed to comply with the required bifurcated analysis required under Section 2511 of the Adoption … Read more