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Oberholzer v. Galapo

The Pennsylvania Superior Court vacated the trial court’s grant of a permanent injunction in this case of a neighborly squabble. Appellants erected 23 signs on their property that included mostly

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Benezet Consulting LLC v. Sec’y Pa.

The Third Circuit held that permanent injunctive relief should extend to all future elections for Appellants Benezet and Pool only. Appellants are out-of-state petition circulators. In Pennsylvania, a candidate seeking

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Morgan v. Millstone Res., LTD

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the permanent injunction against Millstone from discharging rainwater/runoff onto the Morgans’ property. The Morgans filed a civil complaint in which they presented a claim of

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Mallet and Co. v. Lacayo

Have you ever wondered why the prepackaged baked goods at grocery stores always look so perfect, but when you make the pastry at home, you’re always scraping half of the

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Guiser v. Sieber

In Guiser v. Seiber the Superior Court quashed the appeal, in part, because the appellant did not wait for the trial court to rule on post-sentence motions and enter judgment. But

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