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Commonwealth v. Hipps

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the Court of Common Pleas order that granted the defendant’s second PCRA petition. The defendant tried to sidestep the PCRA’s time bar with a newly-discovered

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Commonwealth v. Crumbley

The Pennsylvania Superior Court dealt with what will surely become a common issue in light of Commonwealth v. Bradley: claims of ineffective assistance of counsel raised for the first time

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Commonwealth v. Bishop

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed an order denying the defendant’s PCRA petition wherein he made numerous allegations of ineffective assistance of counsel. And in doing so, the Court gave a

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United States v. Arrington

In a habeas petition, the defendant claimed that he was entitled to an evidentiary hearing to determine whether his trial counsel was ineffective for preventing him from testifying. A jury

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Tyson v. Superintendent Houtzdale SCI

In Tyson v Superintendent Houtzdale SCI, the 3rd Circuit held that a criminal defendant’s trial counsel rendered ineffective assistance by failing to object to the trial court’s jury instruction. The

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Commonwealth v. Epps

In Commonwealth v. Epps, the Superior Court revisited a newsworthy Philadelphia murderer who has collaterally attacked his convictions. Here, the Superior Court denied relief, finding the myriad claims of ineffective

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Commonwealth v. Webb

In Commonwealth v. Webb, the Superior Court confronted an appeal from the denial of a PCRA petition. The Court held that the petitioner could not establish ineffective assistance of counsel

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State v. Aburoumi

In State v. Aburoumi, which involved a collateral attack on a criminal conviction, the Appellate Division ruled that an evidentiary hearing was needed where the defendant claimed he was not

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Commonwealth v. Vo

In Commonwealth v. Vo, the PCRA petitioner was represented by counsel during the proceedings in the lower court, but a new attorney entered in the appeal of the denial of

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