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State v. Hedgespeth

The New Jersey Supreme Court reversed the Law Division’s opinion, which had affirmed the defendant’s convictions for controlled dangerous substance and firearm offenses. The Supreme Court held that a violation

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Maple v. Superintendant SCI Albion

The Third Circuit reversed the District Court’s grant of habeas relief. The defendant filed a habeas corpus petition and argued that the police had violated his Miranda rights by getting

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United States v. Boyd

The Third Circuit rejected the defendant’s claim that 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8) was an unconstitutional violation of his Second Amendment rights. The defendant was convicted of the charge because he

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Commonwealth v. Rivera

In Commonwealth v. Rivera, the Pennsylvania Superior Court issued a critical ruling regarding the Commonwealth’s ability to amend a criminal complaint at the 11th hour. The defendant was convicted of

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Commonwealth v. Williams

In Commonwealth v. Williams, the defendant appealed from his convictions for murder and related offenses. At issue was the proper method – if any – for impeaching a hearsay declarant

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Commonwealth v. Hamlett

To find harmless error, or to not find harmless error, that is the question presented in Commonwealth v. Hamlett. In a contentious set of opinions, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held

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