In re P.G.F.

In re P.G.F. presented the Pennsylvania Supreme Court with the question of whether an attorney can serve as “both guardian ad litem and legal counsel for a minor child, in the context of a petition for termination of parental rights, where counsel did not expressly inquire into the child’s preferred outcome of the termination proceedings.” The … Read more

Z.F.1. v. Bethanna

In Z.F.1. v. Bethanna, the Superior Court heard the Defender Association of Philadelphia’s appeal after a jury found it liable for damages for failing to provide adequate representation as guardian ad litem to two children in foster care. The Defender Association asked the Court to hold that a guardian ad litem should be immune to … Read more

In re Adoption of K.M.G.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court used In re Adoption of K.M.G. as a vehicle to answer the question: “[W]hether reviewing courts must determine sua sponte whether a conflict existed in an attorney’s representation of a child’s best interests and legal interests and whether counsel’s advocacy for the child’s legal interests included placing the child’s preferred outcome … Read more