State v. Rodriguez

In these consolidated appeals, the New Jersey Appellate Division reviewed orders that dismissed a grand jury indictment. The State alleged the defendants practiced medicine without a license, fraudulently billed for those services, and conspired to commit this fraud. The trial court dismissed the indictment, finding it flawed in several ways. The State appealed, and the … Read more

State v. Vega-Larregui

The New Jersey Supreme Court condoned the use of virtual grand juries during the COVID-19 pandemic in State v. Vega-Larregui. The Court held that it had the authority to make rules and procedures for the courts, including grand juries. The court further reasoned that virtual grand juries protect the rights of the accused by allowing … Read more

State v. Stoveken

Two defendant-physicians appealed the State’s use of grand jury subpoenas to access information contained in New Jersey’s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), which is a state-run database that keeps track of prescriptions of controlled dangerous substances. The Appellate Division determined that law enforcement agents properly sought subpoenas in the name of the investigating grand jury and … Read more