Adams v. Pa. State Police

The Commonwealth Court rejected the petitioner’s application to declare that he was not required to register as a sex offender under SORNA I. The petitioner was placed on the original Megan’s Law when he was sentenced in 1998. Over the years, he was subject to Megan’s Law I, Megan’s Law II, Megan’s Law III, and … Read more

Commonwealth v. Carey

In Commonwealth v. Carey, the defendant appealed from the judgment of sentence following his convictions of PWID and related offenses. The defendant argued that the trial court erred when it denied his motion to suppress. He also insisted the court’s imposition of a 12-month period of re-entry supervision pursuant to 61 Pa.C.S. § 6137.2 was … Read more

State v. Brown

In State v. Brown, the New Jersey Supreme Court had to determine whether it is an ex post facto violation to subject a Megan’s Law registrant to a third-degree charge for failing to register when the offense was merely a fourth-degree crime when the registrant was initially required to register. The Court held that Megan’s … Read more

Commonwealth v. Lacombe

In a stunning turn of events, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Commonwealth v. Lacombe ruled that Subchapter I of SORNA is nonpunitive and, thus, applying it to individuals, who committed crimes and were sentenced before its enactment, does not violate the prohibition on ex post facto laws. This decision breaks with Commonwealth v. Muniz, which … Read more