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In re Estate of Schwartz

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the order that refused to appoint Appellant as an administrator of Decedent’s estate. Decedent passed away intestate, and the only potential heir disclaimed and renounced

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In re Estate of Chennisi

Ms. Newman appealed from the order that overruled her objection to including an award from the September 11th Victim’s Compensation Fund (“VCF”) as an asset of her deceased husband’s estate.

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In re Cerullo

A husband and wife married, but within a month, the husband passed away. The wife claimed that the husband gave her his luxury cars before he died. The husband’s sister

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In re Estate of Jabbour

In re Estate of Jabbour was a suit between a deceased man’s wife and daughter. The Superior Court held that the orphans’ court did not abuse its discretion when it

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In re Estate of Charles L. Small

In the case of In re Estate of Charles L. Small, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court determined that Mother failed to demonstrate Decedent was a dependent child – and concomitantly, that

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In re Estate of Wagner

Upon reaching the age of majority, the appellant and a guardian filed a joint petition to discharge the guardian’s stewardship of the appellant’s estate, which included nearly $1 million from

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