Kuhstoss v. Steele

Kuhstoss sued the Steeles after the Steeles consistently used a road on Kuhstoss’s property to access the Steeles’ property. The Steeles filed an answer arguing they were entitled to a prescriptive easement over the property. The trial court granted the Steeles’ Motion for Injunctive Relief, prohibiting Kuhstoss from infringing on the Steeles’ use of the … Read more

New Jersey v. 1 Howe Street Bay Head, LLC

#Easement #EminentDomain #LandUse #RealProperty 4/16/2020 — This appeal is the result of 63 consolidated appeals over a Superstorm Sandy ruling granting the DEP permanent easements over beachfront property owners’ property to reduce the risk of flooding. In State v. North Beach 1003, LLC, 451 N.J. Super. 214 (App. Div. 2017), the Appellate Division ruled in … Read more

New Jersey v. 10.041 Acres

#EminentDomain #LandUse #RealProperty #Easement The Appellate Division reversed in part and affirmed in part the lower court’s order granting the Department of Environmental Protections’ easement onto private beaches, rejecting arguments that the easement language was vague and denied the defendants substantive due process and just compensation. bit.ly/2yjiQwW