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Kinney v. Lacey

In Kinney v. Lacey, the plaintiffs, all of whom owned lots surrounding a lake, filed an action in equity against 31 lot owners, alleging that they had violated deed restrictions

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Newman & Co. v. City of Philadelphia

In Newman & Co. v. City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth Court heard an appeal from the Court of Common Pleas’s order dismissing the plaintiff’s suit seeking declaratory relief. The plaintiff

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Pineda v. Perry

In Pineda v. Perry, the Superior Court held that a party may appeal directly from the grant of a permanent injunction, even when judgment has not been entered. The Court

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Kuhstoss v. Steele

Kuhstoss sued the Steeles after the Steeles consistently used a road on Kuhstoss’s property to access the Steeles’ property. The Steeles filed an answer arguing they were entitled to a

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New Jersey v. 1 Howe Street Bay Head, LLC

#Easement #EminentDomain #LandUse #RealProperty 4/16/2020 — This appeal results from 63 consolidated appeals over a Superstorm Sandy ruling granting the DEP permanent easements over beachfront property owners’ property to reduce

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