Coleman v. Martinez

A tragic series of events led the New Jersey Supreme Court to issue a critical ruling regarding the duty of care in a negligence action. The case started with the Department of Child Protection and Permanency separating a mother from her children and referring the mother to the plaintiff, a licensed social worker. The plaintiff … Read more

Franco v. Dickinson

If you have a child who will attend or currently goes to college, read Franco v. Dickinson. In this appeal, the New Jersey Appellate Division answered questions concerning the scope of the duty owed to an adult who is not old enough to drink legally but who nonetheless drinks alcohol to excess and injures himself … Read more

Matthews v. Prospect Crozer, LLC

In Matthews v. Prospect Crozer, LLC, a personal injury suit wherein Appellant sued after a tree fell on him, the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s grant of summary judgment. The Court held that Appellant failed to adduce sufficient facts in discovery to prove that the defendants owed him a legal duty under Restatement (Second) … Read more

S.H. v. K & H Transport

S.H. v. K & H Transport involved a 17-year-old special-needs student at the time of the events at issue. S.H. sued the bus company that transported her to and from school. The trial court ruled that the bus company did not have a duty “to protect against the alleged injury”—sexual assault—and that no reasonable person … Read more