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Pritchett v. PENNDOT

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court reversed the trial court’s order, which sustained Licensee’s appeal from PENNDOT’s 12-month suspension of his driving privileges. The Court held that a trooper had reasonable grounds

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Commonwealth v. Grajales

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the defendant waived her appellate claims. After the Commonwealth charged DUI and other crimes, the defendant did not file a pretrial omnibus motion. The

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Commonwealth v. Hayes

After the defendant was found guilty of DUI, the sentencing court refused to consider one of the defendant’s prior DUIs from Maryland as a triggering offense for an enhanced sentence.

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Commonwealth v. Gill

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reviewed an order denying the defendant’s first PCRA petition after being convicted of DUI and sentenced as a second-time offender. The first DUI was based on

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Commonwealth v. Lee

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a juvenile adjudication of delinquency for DUI qualifies as a first offense for sentence enhancement purposes. While she was on probation for her guilty

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Commonwealth v. Hand

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the denial of post-conviction relief for a defendant who made allegations of ineffective assistance of trial counsel. The case was a pre-Birchfield blood-draw DUI. The

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Commonwealth v. Banks

In Commonwealth v. Banks, the defendant appealed his convictions of DUI, VUFA, and related charges. On appeal, he claimed: 1. the evidence was insufficient to convict him of DUI, and

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Commonwealth v. Eid

Commonwealth v. Eid presented the Pennsylvania Supreme Court with constitutional challenges to the Vehicle Code’s enhancement of sentences for those who refuse chemical testing after driving under a suspended license.

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Commonwealth v. Vela-Garrett

In Commonwealth v. Vela-Garrett, the Pennsylvania Superior Court addressed the defendant’s argument that his conviction for endangering the welfare of a child (EWOC) was not supported by sufficient evidence. The

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