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Commonwealth v. Conklin

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the lower court did not impose a vindictive sentence. The lower court re-sentenced the defendant after the Superior Court vacated the defendant’s original sentence.

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State v. Zadroga

The New Jersey Appellate Division waded into a difficult double jeopardy issue after a trial court declared a mistrial. The State alleged that the defendant drove 80 mph while intoxicated

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Commonwealth v. Edwards

A highly-fractured Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an opinion that refused to extend double jeopardy protections. The defendant sought to bar a retrial after the Superior Court vacated his conviction,  holding

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Commonwealth v. Krista

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that double jeopardy did not bar the defendant’s re-trial. During closing arguments, the prosecutor commented on the defendant’s silence, thereby causing a mistrial. The defendant

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Commonwealth v. Miller

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s order granting the Commonwealth’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari and denying the defendant’s request to dismiss the charges against him on double

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Commonwealth v. King

In these consolidated appeals, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the order that dismissed the charges against Appellees based on double jeopardy and remanded for a new trial. Appellees were convicted

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Commonwealth v. Moore

Who knew dogs could lead to so much litigation? In the latest installment of Dog Law, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court vacated the defendant’s conviction for violating the law relating to

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Commonwealth v. Goods

The Pennsylvania Superior Court tentatively waded into choppy waters when wrestling with the defendant’s double jeopardy claim. The defendant was charged with firearms offenses and suffered a broken leg during

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Commonwealth v. Sanchez

The defendant filed a motion to dismiss on double jeopardy grounds, relying on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision in Commonwealth v. Johnson, 231 A.3d 807 (Pa. 2020). The trial court

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Commonwealth v. Jordan

A criminal defense attorney’s worst nightmare occurred, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed. The defendant was charged with a gunpoint robbery. He proceeded to a jury trial. But as is

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