E.C.S. v. M.C.S.

In this custody dispute, Father appealed the consolidated order, which denied his request for custody modification but granted Mother’s request to relocate to a different county with their children. Father claimed the trial court erred when it declined to interview the children to obtain their preferences, pursuant to Pa.R.C.P. 1915.11 and the Child Custody Act. … Read more

B.S.G. v. D.M.C.

In this custody matter, Father appealed from the order that denied his petitions for contempt against Mother and primary physical custody of the parties’ 10- year-old daughter and, instead, continued the parties’ shared legal and physical custody arrangement, albeit with some modification. Father contended that their shared legal custody arrangement precluded a court from assigning … Read more

C.L. v. M.P.

In C.L. v. M.P., Mother filed appeals from the orders that appointed a guardian ad litem (GAL) and provided the GAL access to the mental health records of Mother and C.L. (Father) from the last three years. The Pennsylvania Superior Court granted en banc reargument to consider three issues: (1) whether participation in a custody … Read more

W.M. v. D.G.

In W.M. v. D.G., a non-dissolution matter,  the plaintiff appealed from the orders directing her to return physical custody of a child to the defendant, the biological mother. The New Jersey Appellate Division reversed but did not remand because the child was due to turn eighteen in a few weeks. The Court held that the … Read more

K.B. v. M.F.

In K.B. v. M.F., Grandmother filed a complaint for visitation rights to her two minor twin grandchildren, who were twelve years old at that time. Mother appealed the order entered by the trial court, which adopted a hearing officer’s report and recommendation that Grandmother be granted visitation rights to the children. The Pennsylvania Superior Court … Read more

In re J.B.

In re J.B. caused the Pennsylvania Superior Court to determine whether — in the course of dependency proceedings — a court must hold an evidentiary hearing before ordering the transfer of durable legal and physical custody to a ready, willing and able non-custodial parent. Here, DHS received an Emergency Order of Protective Custody and removed … Read more

S.B. v. SS.

S.B. v. SS. involved a contentious custody dispute. After a twenty-three day trial, Father was awarded custody of Child. A few weeks before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied allocatur, Mother’s attorney held a press conference on YOUTube, expressing Mother’s fervent disagreement with the trial court’s findings and orders. While Child was not named during the … Read more

In re T.M.

In the case of In re T.M., which involved several consolidated appeals, the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s termination of court supervision of dependency matters. The trial court refused the guardian ad litem’s request to terminate the parent’s custody of the children.

C.L. v. M.P.

In C.L. v. M.P., a custody dispute, the trial court appointed a guardian ad litem (“GAL”) and granted access to the parties’ mental health over the past 3 years. Mother (C.L.) appealed and argued her mental health records were privileged. The Superior Court disagreed and held the parties privacy was protected because the trial court … Read more

O.G. v. A.B.

A.B. (Mother) appealed the trial court’s order, which awarded shared custody to her and O.G. (Father). On appeal, Mother argued that Father would not permit Mother to renew the children’s Russian passports. The Superior Court remanded and directed the trial court to determine whether the restriction on the renewal of the children’s Russian passports would affect … Read more