In re T.M.

In the case of In re T.M., which involved several consolidated appeals, the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s termination of court supervision of dependency matters. The trial court refused the guardian ad litem’s request to terminate the parent’s custody of the children.

C.L. v. M.P.

In C.L. v. M.P., a custody dispute, the trial court appointed a guardian ad litem (“GAL”) and granted access to the parties’ mental health over the past 3 years. Mother (C.L.) appealed and argued her mental health records were privileged. The Superior Court disagreed and held the parties privacy was protected because the trial court … Read more

O.G. v. A.B.

A.B. (Mother) appealed the trial court’s order, which awarded shared custody to her and O.G. (Father). On appeal, Mother argued that Father would not permit Mother to renew the children’s Russian passports. The Superior Court remanded and directed the trial court to determine whether the restriction on the renewal of the children’s Russian passports would affect … Read more

J.S. v. R.S.S.

#FamilyLaw #Custody 04/14/20- J.S. (“Father”) appealed from the order, awarding sole legal and primary physical custody of the parties’ daughter, A.S. (“Child”), to R.S.S. (“Mother”). Father argued that the trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction because Child resided in Hungary and had no significant connection with Pennsylvania. The Court concluded that Pennsylvania retained exclusive, continuing … Read more