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In re N.B.

This appeal was about responsibility for the payment of an alcohol monitoring device. In a dependency matter, the trial court ordered Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services (CYS) to

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Commonwealth v. Rojas-Rolon

In Commonwealth v. Rojas-Rolon, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the defendant’s convictions for PWID and related charges were supported by sufficient evidence because the Commonwealth proved that he constructively

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Commonwealth v. White

In Commonwealth v. White, the defendant appealed his conviction of tampering with evidence. He argued that the court costs and supervision fees should have been reduced or waived based on

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Commonwealth v. Lopez

In Commonwealth v. Lopez, an en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court held that Rule 706(C) of the Rules of Criminal Procedure only requires a sentencing court to hold an

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Commonwealth v. Lehman

This case involved two juvenile lifers who were recently resentenced to a term of life with the possibility of parole. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Commonwealth v. Lehman did not

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