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Brooks v. Ewing Cole, Inc.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that an adverse decision on the government’s assertion of sovereign immunity constitutes a collateral order, immediately appealable as of right under Rule 313. This case

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Ashdale v. Guidi Homes, Inc.

In Ashdale v. Guidi Homes, Inc., the appellants appealed from the trial court’s order, which granted in part and denied in part their motion for summary judgment. The appellees filed

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Calabretta v. Guidi Homes, Inc.

In Calabretta v. Guidi Homes, Inc., the Superior Court quashed a home-builder’s appeal that challenged the trial court’s order denying (in part) the home builder’s motion for summary judgment. The

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Commonwealth v. Alston

The Allegheny County Public Defender’s Office, on behalf of the defendant, served a subpoena duces tecum on the Medical Examier’s Office seeking the autopsy report related to the defendant’s homicide case.

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Commonwealth v. Gross

The PA Supreme Court confronted a defendant who helped supply a firearm to her boyfriend, who eventually used that firearm to kill a police officer in a shootout. The boyfriend

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