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Zabrosky v. Smithbower-Zabrosky

The Superior Court reviewed the lower court’s order that added money to a husband’s child support obligation after he secretly withdrew money from his children’s 529 Accounts to pay for

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Sichelsteiel v. Sichelstiel

A father appealed to the Pennsylvania Superior Court from the Court of Common Pleas order to pay $2,300 per month in child support. The father argued that the flow-through income

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C.H.Z. v. A.J.Y.

Mother and Father are the parents of twin children (“the Children”). Mother has another child, A.Y., whose father died. Following A.Y.’s father’s death, the United States Social Security Administration awarded

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Denelle v. Denelle

In Denelle v. Denelle, the mother of a child filed a Complaint for Support against Putative Parent. Mother appealed the trial court’s order, which found that Putative Parent was not

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