State v. Lora

In State v. Lora, the defendant led police on a high-speed chase after he stole a car from a dealership. The chase ended when police got in front of the fleeing car, and the defendant crashed into the police car. Defendant wanted to use the Attorney General’s Guidelines on Vehicular Pursuit of a Fleeing Suspect … Read more

St. Luke’s Health Network, Inc. v. Lancaster General Hospital

The 3rd Circuit reviewed jurisdiction in civil RICO actions in St. Luke’s Health Network, Inc. v. Lancaster General Hospital. The court held that the plaintiffs stated a claim on which relief could be granted because they alleged that the defendants misrepresented the amount of funds they were due under Pennsylvania’s Hospital Extraordinary Expense Program, thereby … Read more

Lageman v. Zepp

In a case that could come straight out of a law school torts exam, a divided Superior Court ruled in Lageman v. Zepp that the trial court erred in denying the plaintiff’s request for a res ipsa loqitur jury charge where the patient suffered a stroke after her anesthesiologist botched a portion of her operation.