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Commonwealth v. Singletary

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s order to suppress a gun. A police officer saw an SUV that was not running, parked in a legal parking spot, with

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Commonwealth v. Carmenates

An en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed a panel decision regarding the Pennsylvania State Police’s SHIELD unit, which engages in pretextual stops of motorists as a drug

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Commonwealth v. Galloway

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a passenger’s nervous behavior during a routine traffic stop is sufficient to sustain an officer’s reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. A trooper stopped a

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State v. Carrillo

The New Jersey Appellate Division held “that an officer may conduct a second pat-down search when, giving weight to the unproductive first one, the circumstances preceding the second one still

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State v. Boston

The New Jersey Appellate Division issued a crucial ruling on the police’s authority to question a passenger during a vehicle stop. Along the way, the Court admonished the parties for

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