Bracey v. Superintendent Rockview SCI

In 1995, Bracey was convicted of murder in Pennsylvania state court. In 2010, he learned the Commonwealth had disclosed only some of the cases that were pending against the primary two cooperating witnesses, who testified for the Commonwealth. Based on this newly-discovered information, Bracey filed a PCRA petition, which the Court of Common Pleas dismissed … Read more

Commonwealth v. Donoughe

In Commonwealth v. Donoughe, the defendant was charged with DUI and accepted into the ARD program. Pursuant to a written policy, ninety days after the defendant was accepted into ARD, the Pennsylvania State Police destroyed the mobile recording video of the arrest. But the defendant got kicked out of ARD and proceeded to trial. He … Read more

Commonwealth v. Bagnall

In Commonwealth v. Bagnall, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated the defendant’s murder conviction, ruling that his due process rights were violated when the prosecution failed to disclose a cooperation agreement between the DA’s Office, which, due to a conflict of interest recused itself, and a key witness.  The Court imputed the Office of Attorney General, … Read more