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Nsimba v. Att’y Gen.

The Third Circuit reversed a decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals which had affirmed an immigration judge’s denial of the petitioner’s application for asylum. In affirming that decision, the

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Chavez-Chalil v. Att’y Gen.

The Third Circuit denied Chavez-Chalil’s petition for review of the denial of her applications for asylum and withholding of removal. The Third Circuit denied the petition for two reasons. First,

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Liang v. Att’y Gen.

The petitioner was a  Chinese national who sought asylum in the United States because Chinese authorities severely beat him when they discovered him practicing Christianity in 2000. Once the beating

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Darby v. Att’y Gen.

The Third Circuit affirmed the Board of Immigration Appeals’ order that denied the petitioner’s request to reopen the denial of her of applications for asylum, withholding of removal, and protection

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Sunuwar v. Att’y Gen.

In Sunuwar v. Att’y Gen., an immigration judge ruled that the petitioner was removable as an alien who was convicted of an aggravated felony, a crime of domestic violence and

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Sathanthrasa v. AG USA

The 3rd Circuit held that the Board of Immigration Appeals abused its discretion, because, when it denied the petitioner asylum, the BIA failed to consider the “reasons for the denial”

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Blanco v. Attorney General

The 3rd Circuit ruled in Blanco v. Attorney General that the petitioner had established past persecution where he had been kidnapped, beaten, and had his life threatened repeatedly because he

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