Commonwealth v. Johnson

An en banc panel of the Superior Court overruled Commonwealth v. Creese, which had required each notice of appeal to list only one docket number. This case, along with Commonwealth v. Larkin show the Superior Court at its worst–creating, changing and abridging rules that have nothing to do with the justice, seeking the truth, or efficiently administering … Read more

ACLU v. Pennsylvania State Police

Under Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law, the state police provided a heavily-redacted copy of investigation regulations to the ACLU along with a letter indicating that the redactions were necessary under the RTKL’s public-safety exception. The ACLU filed an appeal with the Office of Open Records, seeking an unredacted copy. The OOR received an unredacted version for in … Read more

In re: The Passarelli Family Trust

#Jurisdiction #CivilProcedure #AppellateProcedure Appellant received an adverse ruling on a prior appeal in the same matter and the appellee sought, and was granted, allocatur. While proceedings on the Supreme Court were ongoing, Appellant sought injunctive relief from the trial court to maintain the status quo., pursuant to Pa.R.A.P. 1701(b)(1). The trial court denied relief … Read more