Brown v. The End Zone, Inc.

This was a multi-party appeal in which the Pennsylvania Superior Court spent more time wrestling with appellate procedure than on the issues raised. First, the court sua sponte questioned whether each party complied with Walker. After deciding the parties filed appropriate notices of appeal, the Court found that one defendant failed to property preserve some … Read more

Bogdan v. Am. Legion Post 153 Home Assoc.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed an order that denied an insurer’s petition to intervene. The suit resulted from a shooting outside an American Legion Post between two intoxicated patrons. American Legion’s insurer sought to intervene to secure a special jury verdict form and answers to interrogatories to allow a clear determination of the basis for … Read more

In re S.D.

Father and Mother filed these consolidated appeals from the orders, granting the petition of Children and Youth Services to involuntarily terminate their parental rights. Father and Mother also appealed the trial court’s order changing the children’s permanency goal from reunification to adoption. They filed a single notice of appeal to challenge distinct rulings on two … Read more

Greenleaf v. Rothstein

The Pennsylvania Superior Court quashed this appeal. The Court ruled that because of the deficiencies in Appellant’s pro se brief, the Court could not discern what issues he wanted to raise or the arguments he wanted to present.

Tri-State Auto Auction, Inc. v. Gleba, Inc.

In Tri-State Auto Auction, Inc. v. Gleba, Inc., the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s verdict after a bench trial in which the plaintiff sought declaratory relief. But the substance of the matter was of little relevance to the appeal, as the Court did little more than cite the lower court’s summary of the … Read more

Commonwealth v. Rogers

In Commonwealth v. Rogers, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court addressed the issue of whether a criminal defendant is permitted to introduce evidence of his alleged victims’ prior prostitution convictions to bolster his consent defense to rape charges. The case revolved around the Rape Shield Law, which generally precludes evidence regarding prior sexual conduct of a victim … Read more

Rahn v. Consolidated Rail Corop.

In Rahn v. Consolidated Rail Crop., the Pennsylvania Superior Court revisited the issue of forum non conveniens. A former trainmaster filed suit against the defendant, claiming that his cancer resulted from exposure to toxic chemicals at work and that the defendant was negligent in failing to provide him with a reasonably safe workplace. The trainmaster … Read more

Commonwealth v. Carter

In Commonwealth v. Carter, the Pennsylvania Superior Court quashed an appeal taken from an order denying bail pending sentencing. The defendant was convicted of several crimes, and the trial court revoked his bail pending sentencing. The defendant then filed a petition with the trial judge requesting bail pending sentencing and while the case was on … Read more

Witherspoon v. McDowell-Wright

Witherspoon v. McDowell-Wright is an important read for any lawyer whose client is deceased.  Rule 502 of the Rules of Appellate Procedure governs the scenario and “permits any party to make a suggestion of death on the record. The Rule then states that proceedings may be had as this court directs. The open-endedness of this … Read more