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Bavo v. Att’y Gen.

The Third Circuit took issue with the Board of Immigration Appeals’ scope and standard of review. The petitioner sought relief under the Convention Against Torture. The Immigration Judge found that

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In re L.A.K.

This case involved the mother and step-father of two children who filed a petition to terminate the parental rights of the children’s father after he did not have contact with

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Commonwealth v. Young

A fractured Pennsylvania Supreme Court addressed its prior decisions in Commonwealth v. Walker and Always Busy Consulting, LLC v. Babford & Co., Inc.(“ABC“) in which the Court dealt with notices

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In re I.M.S.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the trial court’s decision to deny Mother’s request for reinstatement of her appellate rights nunc pro tunc. The trial court terminated Mother’s parental rights. On

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State v. Lodzinski

In a remarkable order, the New Jersey Supreme Court granted reconsideration of its prior per curium order. The defendant was convicted of killing her child. After the trial, she moved

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Brown v. The End Zone, Inc.

This was a multi-party appeal in which the Pennsylvania Superior Court spent more time wrestling with appellate procedure than on the issues raised. First, the court sua sponte questioned whether

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In re S.D.

Father and Mother filed these consolidated appeals from the orders, granting the petition of Children and Youth Services to involuntarily terminate their parental rights. Father and Mother also appealed the

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Witherspoon v. McDowell-Wright

Witherspoon v. McDowell-Wright is an important read for any lawyer whose client is deceased.  Rule 502 of the Rules of Appellate Procedure governs the scenario and “permits any party to

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