In re C.M.

A mother with Lupus voluntarily terminated her parental rights so that her child could be adopted by her parents. But the mother intended to maintain her parental role. The move was designed to ensure that, if the mother’s condition was fatal, the child would remain with the grandparents and stay in a stable environment. Meanwhile, … Read more

In re Adoption of A.H.

In re adoption of A.H. involved Mother’s appeal of the Orphans’ Court decree terminating her rights to her 11-year-old  son pursuant to the Adoption Act. The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed, concluding that the record supported the Orphans’ Court’s decision that Mother was incapable of parenting, under 23 Pa.C.S. § 2511(a)(2). To the extent that Mother … Read more

In re Adoption of K.M.G.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court used In re Adoption of K.M.G. as a vehicle to answer the question: “[W]hether reviewing courts must determine sua sponte whether a conflict existed in an attorney’s representation of a child’s best interests and legal interests and whether counsel’s advocacy for the child’s legal interests included placing the child’s preferred outcome … Read more

In re Adoption of a Child by C.J.

In re Adoption of a Child by C.J. required the Appellate Division to assess whether the Chancery Court properly found that a biological mother failed to affirmatively assume the duties of a parent. The Court began by noting that the termination of parental rights implicates fundamental liberty interests, which are protected by the United States … Read more

In re JWB & RDB

Father, a Colorado resident, executed a consent to adoption to allow his children’s step-father to adopt them. The consent complied with Pennsylvania’s Adoption Act. But it did not comply necessarily with Colorado’s corollary statute. Father later tried to revoke that consent and claimed that, under Section 2711(c) of the Adoption Act, he was entitled to … Read more