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In re J.J.M.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated a juvenile’s adjudication of deliquency for terroristic threats in a critical first amendment case. While at school, the juvenile said that he “doesn’t think people

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State v Fair

The New Jersey Appellate Division ruled that the reckless-disregard portion of the state’s terroristic threats statute is unconstitutionally overbroad. And since the defendant’s indictment, jury instructions, and verdict sheet were

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Kuar v. Singh

The appellant challenged a protection from abuse (PFA) order that compelled him to avoid a particular temple on Sundays when his ex-wife worshiped there. He claimed that the PFA unlawfully

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S.B. v. SS.

S.B. v. SS. involved a contentious custody dispute. After a twenty-three day trial, Father was awarded custody of Child. A few weeks before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied allocatur, Mother’s

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In re Y.W.-B.

In In re Y.W.-B., the Superior Court confronted two challenging family law questions. First, the Court held that a county child protective services agency “may obtain a court order compelling

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Porter v. City of Philadelphia

In Porter v. City of Philadelphia, the 3rd Circuit held that the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office’s policy prohibiting comments during a sheriff’s sale is a reasonable, viewpoint neutral speech restriction aimed

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Commonwealth v. Held

In Commonwealth v. Held, a media company appealed from a trial court’s denial of its request for the names of jurors after they deadlocked and a mistrial was granted, but

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Commonwealth v. Starr

The defendant entered guilty pleas to certain charges in the Allegheny County Sex Offender Court and received a probation tail to his sentence. One condition of his probation was that

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