Artesanias v. North Mill Capital

In this bankruptcy case, the 3rd Circuit clarified that Bankruptcy Code standing is not constitutional standing (thus, not jurisdictional), and that Chapter 7 trustess can relinquish the statutory authority to pursue a claim back to a creditor. The Court then held that the creditor plaintiff had both the constitutional standing as well as the statutory … Read more

Sathanthrasa v. AG USA

The 3rd Circuit held that the Board of Immigration Appeals abused its discretion, because, when it denied the petitioner asylum, the BIA failed to consider the “reasons for the denial” as well as “reasonable alternatives available” to the petitioner for family reunification.

Comm’r IRS v. BrokerTec Holdings

In a case based on Section 118 of the IRS Code before it was amended by Congress, the 3rd Circuit reversed the Tax Court and held, because New Jersey did not restrict how BrokerTec could use grants it received from the state, and because the grants were calculated based on the amount of income tax revenue … Read more