At Sullivan | Simon, WE WRITE SO THAT YOU WIN. Successful litigators know legal research and writing are cognitively demanding tasks of immense value with proven results. That's why successful litigators hire us to handle their firm's legal research and writing projects for affordable, flat fees.

Post-trial & Appellate

At Sullivan | Simon we know that your case is never over. From post-trial, post-verdict, post-sentence motions and appeals, to collateral attacks, we believe that expert legal research and writing means you can always win. We write to win, even when other firms have thrown in the towel.

Criminal Law

Sullivan | Simon has more than 20 years of experience in the criminal law. We write to win.

Sullivan | Simon, LLC provides ghostwriting, researching, editing & Bluebooking, and consulting legal services to busy litigators. Most lawyers prefer not to be bothered with the tedium of research and writing. If this describes you, call Matt and David. We will thoroughly and timely complete the job for you.

We also read every precedential opinion of the state as well as federal courts in PA & NJ and summarize those opinions to help you stay up to date on the law. Those summaries are posted on this website and in a weekly report. Sign up below so that our weekly report of case summaries hits your Inbox.

Simmons v. Mercado


In this appeal, the New Jersey Supreme Court considered whether a records request for complaint-summonses from a municipal police department was proper under the Open … Read more

Penn Psychiatric Ctr., Inc. v. United States Liab. Ins. Co.


This was an appeal from an order dismissing an insurance coverage action. Penn Psychiatric (Insured) claimed that it was entitled to coverage under an employment … Read more

Darby v. Att’y Gen.


The Third Circuit affirmed the Board of Immigration Appeals’ order that denied the petitioner’s request to reopen the denial of her of applications for asylum, … Read more

State v. Oguta


The New Jersey Appellate Division confronted the intersection of a justification defense and N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(d), which prohibits possession of a weapon “under circumstances not manifestly … Read more

Commonwealth v. Wroten


The Pennsylvania Superior Court heard the Commonwealth’s appeal from the lower court’s order dismissing the prosecution at the preliminary hearing level for failure to establish … Read more

Aly v. Valeant Pharm Int’l, Inc.


This was an appeal from the District Court’s order dismissing the complaint filed by individual shareholders of Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc. as untimely. A class action … Read more

Rios v. Pharm., Inc.


The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that a former employee could pass the summary judgment stage of a suit brought under the Law Against Discrimination … Read more

Mondelli v. Berkeley Nursing and Rehab. Ctr.


Mondelli sued Berkeley Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and several of its employees for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and intentionally inflicting emotional distress. … Read more

Int’l Brotherhood of Elec. Workers Local 400 v. Borough of Tinton Falls


The New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed the Law Division’s order dismissing a union’s complaint seeking declaratory relief. The union sought to halt work on a … Read more

Est. of Burns v. Care One at Stanwick, LLC


Burns’s estate commenced a wrongful death action, alleging he had fallen several times and developed pressure ulcers as well as infections during his stay at … Read more

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Writ of Error Coram Nobis – alive, but, perhaps, not so well.


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