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Post-trial & Appellate

At Sullivan | Simon we know that your case is never over. From post-trial, post-verdict, post-sentence motions and appeals, to collateral attacks, we believe that expert legal research and writing means you can always win. We write to win, even when other firms have thrown in the towel.

Criminal Law

Sullivan | Simon has more than 20 years of experience in the criminal law. We write to win.

Sullivan | Simon, LLC is a law practice that offers ghostwriting, researching, editing & Bluebooking, and consulting legal services to litigators. Most trial lawyers prefer not to be bothered with the tedium of research and writing. If this describes you, call Matt and David. We will thoroughly and timely complete the job for you.

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State v. Jackson


Be careful who your friends are. The New Jersey Supreme Court handed down a significant Confrontation Clause decision. Three codefendants participated in a burglary, but … Read more

In Re Certificate of Need Application for the Memorial Hospital of Salem Co.


In this appeal of a decision by the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Health (the Commissioner), the Court of the Appellate Division concluded that the … Read more

Investors Bank v. Javier Torres


Torres signed a promissory note, which was secured by a mortgage, with CitiMortgage. Torres defaulted but then CitiMortgage discovered that it had lost the original … Read more

Wolf v. Scarnati


The Pennsylvania Senate Caucus filed suit trying to force the Governor to honor a legislative resolution challenging his executive order in response to COVID-19. The … Read more

Leo v. Nationstar Mortgage


In this appeal, the plaintiffs, who were borrowers from New Jersey and North Carolina sought review of the force-placed insurance rate charged by their reverse-mortgage lender, … Read more

U.S. v. Jackson; U.S. v. Harris


Harris and Jackson sought discretionary reductions of their sentences pursuant to § 404 of the First Step Act. The District Courts denied relief, and on … Read more

Escobar-Barrera v. Kissin


The Appellate Division reversed a trial court, which granted the defendant’s motion for an involuntary dismissal of a personal injury claim after a doctor was … Read more

Gourmet Dining v. Union Township


Gourmet Dining operated a “high-end” restaurant out of a building on the campus of Kean University. When Union Township issued tax assessments to the restaurant, … Read more

B.L. v. Mahanoy Area School District


In a wild mashup between George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words and the cult classic Bring it On, the Third Circuit had to play referee. In … Read more

Albert v. Sheeley’s Drug Store, Inc.


In this wrongful death action and survival claim the decedent overdosed on Fentanyl that he and a friend got from a drug store with a … Read more

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We don’t owe you squat!


On April 7, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania decided Spector … Read more

Use This Time to Reflect on Law Firm Management


With courts practically closed, and commerce overall slowed to a … Read more

No (attempted) good deed goes unpunished.


In Commonwealth v. Frederick, 770 MDA 2019 (Pa. Super Ct. 2020), … Read more

Appealing Adverse Pretrial Detention Rulings


With the onslaught of COVID-19 and the virus’s breakneck pace … Read more

Writ of Error Coram Nobis – alive, but, perhaps, not so well.


In Ragbir v. USA (, the Third Circuit Court of … Read more

NJ courts inch their way into the future.


In Pathri v. Kakarlamath (, the New Jersey Appellate Division recognized … Read more