Legal Ghostwriting &
Research for Litigators


At Sullivan | Simon, we write so you win. We provide legal ghostwriting, research, and editing services for busy trial lawyers. Experienced litigators Matt Sullivan and David Simon have over 20 years of combined experience in legal writing and research and have written numerous appellate and trial-level briefs, motions, and other legal documents that have resulted in successful outcomes for law firm clients. We serve firms specializing in criminal defense, personal injury, immigration, and various other areas of the law throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Legal Ghostwriting

We write quality, timely, and persuasive appellate and trial briefs, motions, memos, and petitions to help litigators win their cases.

Legal Research

We research caselaw, statutes, regulations, treatises, and other secondary sources and provide litigators with everything they need to know about their legal issue.

Recent Opinion Summaries

To keep you up to date on relevant caselaw, we read and summarize every precedential opinion out of the Third Circuit as well as the Pennsylvania and New Jersey appellate courts. Check out the most recent summaries here:

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“I’ve used Sullivan | Simon multiple times. They’ve written great appellate briefs for my clients on appeal and for trial courts. I regularly recommend them to colleagues.”

“My client was charged with drug distribution in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and was looking at nine years in jail under the guidelines. Sullivan | Simon wrote a sentencing memo for us and he got one day in jail. I’d say they did a pretty good job for him.”

“Excellent job. I am really happy and I think my client will have little to complain about once he reads the brief.”