The Vuyaniches treated their property as a junkyard. This resulted in misdemeanor criminal charges against one of the homeowners for creating a public nuisance. The surrounding borough sought to clean up the property while the charges were pending. A Pennsylvania state court judge authorized the borough to do so after giving the homeowner a brief window to collect any belongings he wished to keep. The homeowners failed to retrieve their possessions, and the borough and other affiliated entities hauled away the vehicles and other items strewn throughout the yard. To obtain damages compensating them for their seized property, the homeowners sued in federal court, alleging violations of the United States Constitution and state law. The District Court dismissed the complaint for lack of jurisdiction. The Third Circuit analyzed the four prongs of the Rooker-Feldman doctrine for jurisdiction and reversed. The Third Circuit ruled that Rooker-Feldman is a limited doctrine that must not be applied outside of a precise, narrow set of circumstances. Those circumstances were not present here,