The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s suppression of drugs. A Magisterial District Judge granted a search warrant of the defendant’s house. During the search, the police found cocaine, paraphernalia, weapons, and cash. The Commonwealth charged several drug and firearms offenses, and the defendant moved to suppress the evidence. Following a hearing on the motion, the suppression court ruled that the evidence was obtained pursuant to an invalid warrant erroneously granted by the MDJ. The Commonwealth appealed. And the Superior Court affirmed. The Court noted that an affidavit of probable cause must establish a “substantial nexus” between the suspect’s home and the criminal activity or contraband to permit a search of the house. The Court ruled that the trial court correctly applied Commonwealth v. Way to determine that the affidavit supporting the search warrant did not contain sufficient facts to give the police probable cause to believe that they would find evidence of criminal activity in the defendant’s residence.