The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the defendants convictions for simple assault, reckless endangerment, and discharging a firearm into an occupied structure. Appellant and the victim got into a fistfight in the garage of the victim’s house. The victim picked up a hammer and tried to hit Appellant. During the fight, which quickly spilled into the driveway away from the door, a firearm holstered under the victim’s waistband found its way into Appellant’s hands. Appellant fired at pointblank range toward the victim and the garage. Appellant testified that he fired the shot by accident. After the shot, the victim retreated into his garage. He discovered that he was not injured. The bullet passed through the front pocket of his flannel shirt, missing his body. Later, officers recovered a piece of a projectile from inside the garage. The trial court convicted Appellant, who appealed and made claims about the sufficiency and weight of the evidence. The Superior Court affirmed and ruled that the garage’s separate entrance did not sever it from the rest of the house. Instead, the garage was part of the residential structure as a whole, and was akin to an attached basement. Next, the Court ruled that the jury was free to reject Appellant’s testimony that the gun fired accidentally. Moreover, the Commonwealth presented sufficient circumstantial evidence to prove that Appellant shot the weapon intentionally. Lastly, Appellant’s weight claim did not merit the Court’s analysis because Appellant reiterated his argument that the trial court erred by concluding that the garage was an occupied structure.