Attorney Matthew Butterick (dude has an excellent first name) is a California lawyer who has sued several AI firms. Mr. Butterick is involved in class-action lawsuits against some of the most prominent artificial intelligence enterprises, trying to ensure that creative people control how their work is used. WIRED magazine notes, “The outcomes could help entrench the [AI] industry as we know it—or force it to make radical changes.”

Mr. Butterick predicts a global proliferation of similar cases. He stated,

I’m just one piece of this—I don’t want to call it a campaign against AI, I want to call it the human resistance. And it’s going to be worldwide. We’ve now talked to lawyers in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Australia. It’s happening everywhere.

WIRED Magazine

AI might be able to generate form documents or other bare minimum filings, but I am not (yet) concerned about the robots replacing those of us whose careers are writing-centric.