Who Are Matt Sullivan and David Simon?

Matt Sullivan and David Simon met in the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. David was an Assistant District Attorney with the Philadelphia DA’s Office, and Matt was an associate in a prominent criminal defense law firm. The two had a few cases against one another (Matt thought David was a bit arrogant, and David thought Matt was unreasonable). After about seven years in the District Attorney’s Office, David left to hang his shingle practicing primarily criminal defense in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Over a few beers at a mutual friend’s going-away party, Matt and David sparked a friendship. They often met for coffee and vented about judges, prosecutors, and their favorite baseball teams (Matt loves the Phillies, David is still loyal to the Mariners). Matt had been the go-to research and writer at his firm. David started his career in the Appellate Unit of the DA’s Office. Each had developed a reputation as a bit of a nerd in the courthouse. And the two bonded over a shared love of writing.

While talking about legal research and writing, Matt and David realized they had another commonality: other prominent lawyers in the area often reached out to them to ghostwrite briefs or motions, and to handle appeals. Some of the attorneys didn’t have time to do it themselves; others just didn’t enjoy research and writing. Whatever the reason, the attorneys turned to Matt and David for assistance.

A few months after Matt left his firm, David proposed a wild idea: launch a new law firm dedicated to ghostwriting as well as other research and writing-intensive work. And at that moment, Sullivan Simon, LLC, was born. We write to win. More importantly, we write so that you win. If appeals are not your preferred area of practice, but you don’t want to lose that client to a competitor, take on the case and call Matt and David. We’ll handle it for a flat fee. If a brief is due tomorrow, and your trial is going longer than you had anticipated, don’t pull an all-nighter in the hours before your closing argument. Instead, call Matt and David. We’ll get it done for you. If your clients won’t stop calling, asking the same questions again and again, take the calls. We know that’s the only way to keep the business. We’ll conduct the research and writing for you. We write to win. More importantly, we will write so that you win.