This is the Philadelphia court system in one case. 17 pages of the opinion are utilized to describe the Common Pleas judge’s less-than-professional behavior. One member of Sullivan | Simon, LLC, described it to the other member, and that other member correctly guessed the judge on his first guess. It’s a malpractice case. After the trial judge repeatedly mocked the plaintiff’s lawyer for how weak her case was, the judge granted a non-suit. The judge also refused to recuse himself after noting Rand Spear was “the man” several times and otherwise behaving quite poorly. On appeal, the Superior Court somehow managed to excuse the judge’s behavior and affirmed. 

Please, read this opinion. You won’t regret it. It includes such gems as lawyers referring to cases that they don’t have copies of and can’t remember the names of, but they’re sure they exist, snide comments by the trial judge, and the trial judge insulting the plaintiff’s case to the jury. A Classic.