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Commonwealth v. Rogers

This case offers another example of why you should hire the pros at Sullivan | Simon to ghostwrite your appellate briefs. The defendant alleged the verdict was against the weight of

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In re S.D.

Father and Mother filed these consolidated appeals from the orders, granting the petition of Children and Youth Services to involuntarily terminate their parental rights. Father and Mother also appealed the

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Commonwealth v. Williams

Williams appealed after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder and related charges. On appeal, he made two primary arguments. First, Williams asserted the trial court erred when it denied

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Greenleaf v. Rothstein

The Pennsylvania Superior Court quashed this appeal. The Court ruled that because of the deficiencies in Appellant’s pro se brief, the Court could not discern what issues he wanted to

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In re J.D.

In the case of In re J.D., three women alleged that J.D. sexually assaulted them years earlier when they and J.D. were minors. The State filed juvenile delinquency complaints against

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Rahn v. Consolidated Rail Corop.

In Rahn v. Consolidated Rail Crop., the Pennsylvania Superior Court revisited the issue of forum non conveniens. A former trainmaster filed suit against the defendant, claiming that his cancer resulted

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Terra Firma Builders, LLC v. King

In Terra Firma Builders, LLC v. King, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court considered the effect of a claimant’s failure to file the required affidavit of service for a mechanics’ lien. Terra

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Commonwealth v. Shreffler

In Commonwealth v. Shreffler, the Pennsylvania Superior Court found all of the appellant’s claims were waived. First, the Court held that the appellant failed to preserve one issue for review

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Commonwealth v. Shaw

In Commonwealth v. Shaw, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dealt with the time and manner in which a defendant can raise a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel during post-conviction proceedings

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