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Van Divner v. Sweger

Van Divner sued Sweger and Progressive Insurance Co. after a car accident. The trial court granted Progressive’s preliminary objections and transferred venue per its interpretation of the forum selection clause

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Carbajal v. Patel

This third-party automobile negligence appeal required the New Jersey Appellate Division to determine whether the defendant’s inability to obtain contribution under the Joint Tortfeasors Contribution Law from the plaintiff’s uninsured

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Jeffrey v. State

In Jeffrey v. State, the plaintiff appealed from the order denying his motion for leave to file a late notice of claim pursuant to the New Jersey Tort Claims Act.

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Huggins v. Aquilar

In September 2016, Defendant Trend Motors, Ltd. (Trend) provided Defendant Aquilar with a loaner vehicle for her personal use while her vehicle was serviced. Aquilar’s negligent operation of the loaner

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Hassan v. Williams

In Hassan v. Williams, the New Jersey Appellate Division issued a must-read opinion, which touched on several evidentiary issues. The Court reviewed a defense-favorable verdict after a rear-end crash involving

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Spencer v. Johnson

The consolidated appeals in Spencer v. Johnson arose out of an auto accident in West Philadelphia. A labor union owned the car, and the union provided the car to one

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Virnelson v. Johnson Matthey Inc.

In 2015, Mr. Virnelson fell to his death while working as an employee of Johnson Matthey Inc. (“JMI”) at JMI’s pharmaceutical plant in Conshohocken. Plaintiff Tonia Virnelson sued to recover

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Matthews v. Erie Ins. Grp.

The plaintiff in a motor-vehicle-accident case appealed from an order of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas that sustained the defendant’s preliminary objections because the venue should have been in

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