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Romero v. Att’y Gen.

In Romero v. Att’y Gen., the Third Circuit affirmed an order of the Board of Immigration Appeals that affirmed an immigration judge’s denial of the petitioner’s application for withholding of

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Commonwealth v. Lopez

Commonwealth v. Lopez involved a serial capital post-conviction appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In his PCRA petition, the defendant claimed that a cooperating witness — the defendant’s co-conspirator —

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Commonwealth v. Sims

In Commonwealth v. Sims, the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of Appellant’s fourth PCRA petition. The petition, titled “Motion for DNA Testing,” was comprised of allegations of

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In re McAleer

In re McAleer resulted in a per curiam order from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court because Justice Baer did not participate in the matter, leaving a 3-3 split on the main

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O’Hanlon v. Uber Technologies, Inc.

In O’Hanlon v. Uber Technologies, Inc., the Third Circuit reviewed a District Court’s order denying Uber’s motion to compel arbitration. Uber argued that the Third Circuit could not reach the

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Ashdale v. Guidi Homes, Inc.

In Ashdale v. Guidi Homes, Inc., the appellants appealed from the trial court’s order, which granted in part and denied in part their motion for summary judgment. The appellees filed

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Commonwealth v. Young

In 1976, Appellant pleaded guilty to third-degree murder. He absconded to Kentucky when he was paroled. Two years later, he was convicted of rape and related offenses in Kentucky. These

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United States v. Alexander

In United States v. Alexander,  Appellant filed an interlocutory appeal from the District Court’s order denying various pretrial motions to dismiss the original and superseding indictments against her on the

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