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Liang v. Att’y Gen.

The petitioner was a  Chinese national who sought asylum in the United States because Chinese authorities severely beat him when they discovered him practicing Christianity in 2000. Once the beating

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Ghanem v. Att’y Gen.

Ghanem, a former lawful permanent resident of the United States, sought to avoid removal to Yemen, from which he fled. He pursued three forms of relief that the Immigration Judge

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B.C. v. Att’y Gen. U.S.

The Third Circuit vacated a District Court’s denial of the petitioner’s application for asylum. The petitioner was a native of Cameroon and primarily spoke “Pidgin” English. He had only limited

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Singh v. Att’y Gen. U.S.

A quirky question of statutory construction resulted in the petitioner getting one more chance to avoid removal. The petitioner came to the U.S. from India without papers. Removal proceedings commenced,

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Valarezo-Tirado v. Att’y Gen.

Valarezo-Tirado petitioned the Third Circuit to review an Immigration Judge’s reinstatement of his order of removal. The Third Circuit vacated the IJ’s decision, ruling that review was impossible because the

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Figueroa v. Att’y Gen.

In Figueroa v. Att’y Gen., Petitioner sought relief from a final order of removal following his second illegal entry into the U.S. To prevent deportation to his native Honduras, Petitioner

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Thayalan v. Att’y Gen.

In Thayalan v. Att’y Gen., a native Sri Lankan, who had illegally entered the U.S., petitioned for review of his order of removal. He sought asylum and withholding of removal

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Sanchez v. Att’y Gen.

In Sanchez v. Att’y Gen., Petitioner sought review of the Board of Immigration Appeals’ (“Board”) denial of his request for remand to the Immigration Judge for administrative closure, which would

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Romero v. Att’y Gen.

In Romero v. Att’y Gen., the Third Circuit affirmed an order of the Board of Immigration Appeals that affirmed an immigration judge’s denial of the petitioner’s application for withholding of

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