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Diamond v. PA Educ. Ass’n

In Diamond v. PA Educ. Ass’n, the 3rd Circuit held that, because the PA Educ. Association and other similarly situated unions had collected “fair-share” fees in good faith reliance on a

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DeLade v. Cargan

Delade v. Cargan involved a suit against a state trooper. The 3rd Circuit held that the Fourth Amendment always governs claims of unlawful arrest and pretrial detention when the detention

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Weimer v. Cnty. of Fayette

In Weimer v. Cnty. of Fayette, Weimer, who had served eleven years in prison, filed a civil rights suit after her conviction for murder was vacated with prejudice. The 3rd

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Downey v. Penn. Dept. of Corr.

Unlike that Robert Downey, this Robert Downey was an inmate in state prison and suffered from severe glaucoma. In Downey v. Penn. Dept. of Corr., the 3rd Circuit held that

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Baskin v. Martinez

In Baskin v. Martinez, Justice Albin of the NJ Supreme Court delivered a ruling on a hot-button issue: qualified immunity. In the case, a Camden detective chased an armed suspect.

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James v. NJ State Police

#QualifiedImmunity #ClearlyEstablished #1983 4/21/2020 — This 1983 suit was brought as a result of a state trooper shooting and killing an armed suspect. Prior to engaging with the suspect, who

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Fogle v. Sokol

#1983 #Immunity 04/20/2020- Fogle spent more than three decades in prison for a crime he says he did not commit. Now free, he sued the Indiana County District Attorney, the

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