The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the order dismissing all claims and parties in this action in which Plaintiff sought damages related to Decedent’s alleged exposure to asbestos. Decedent worked for Schneider Companies as a union plumber from 1966 to 1975. Decedent initiated this action against various entities, who allegedly exposed him to asbestos. Defendant, which acquired Scheider Companies in 1990,  was named as one of the defendants. Decedent died in 2019, and Plaintiff, Decedent’s daughter and the executrix of his estate, was substituted as Plaintiff in the trial court. Defendant filed a motion for summary judgment asserting that it lacked successor liability for Schneider Companies. The trial court granted the motion, Plaintiff appealed, and the Superior Court affirmed. The Court concluded that “the trial court did not err in determining that the record lacked sufficient evidence of facts to make out a prima facie claim that Defendant was liable under a theory of successor liability for the acts of Decedent’s former employers.”