In re The Nomination of Rania Major involved objections to Ms. Major’s nominating petition for Judge of the Municipal Court of Philadelphia County. 213 of the petition’s signature lines were challenged solely because the addresses of those 213 electors differed from their addresses as recorded in the SURE system. The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court held that 25 P.S. ยง 2868 made it clear that the 213 signature lines on the nomination petition were invalid because the electors did not provide the address they were duly registered and enrolled to vote at, as indicated by the SURE system. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed and held that Act 77 as amended “plainly and unambiguously imposes a mandatory duty on a signer of a nominating petition to add the address where he or she is duly registered and enrolled, and, further, that the failure to comply with this requirement exposes the signature to viable legal challenge.” As a result, Ms. Major failed to meet the minimum 1000 signature requirement.