In re: S.S. Body Armor

In this appeal, the Court of the Third Circuit reviewed three orders issued by the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in 2015. The orders approved a settlement entered in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of S.S. Body Armor I, Inc., and either grant or deny related applications for attorneys’ fees and expenses. Mr. Cohen appealed the orders to the District Court for the District of Delaware, which affirmed the Bankruptcy Court. Cohen then appealed to the Third Circuit, which reversed in part and held he is entitled to attorneys’ fees and expenses for his objection to the initial settlement in this case. However, the Third Circuit: affirmed the part of that order that denied Cohen’s claim to attorneys’ fees and expenses under the Bankruptcy Code; affirmed the Bankruptcy Court’s order awarding fees to counsel in one of the underlying lawsuits; and affirmed the Bankruptcy Court’s 2015 approval of a settlement in this case.